Pasto Vivo

Sustainable and regenerative livestock in the Pasto Vivo project

The Pasto Vivo Project aims to create the best agroforestry livestock model in the world, regenerative, resilient and profitable, and replicable in the regional context. In a pioneering and pragmatic way, the agroforestry conversion of Fazenda São Benedito is being carried out, with 1,200 hectares and located in Porto Esperidião, MT.

PRETATERRA's approach has as its guiding principle the maximizing the resilience of productive assets, maintaining and increasing economic profitability. The regenerative livestock design developed brings together ecological and economic factors in its resilience, diversity and operational systematization. All the premises used create an intelligent, diverse and productive system, with an increasing cash flow from the first year, regenerating the soil and landscape and providing well-being and a dignified life to the animals. Ultimately, the regenerative agroforestry design conceived by PRETATERRA and customized for the Pasto Vivo Project, seeks to associate environmental and productive resilience with market opportunity and satisfaction of investors, producers and conscious consumers, in the joint construction of a new productive paradigm.

Left: Forestry engineer Paula Costa observes the development of the roots of a pigeon pea plant in November 2021, planted as green manure, also serving for initial shading and pasture enrichment. Right: Valter with a seedling of true mastic (Myracrodruon urundeuva). Photos: PRETATERRA

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