What are agroforestry

Synthesis of definitions from FAO, ICRAF, EMBRAPA, Ministry of the Environment Agroforestry is land use systems and technologies where woody perennial plants, such as trees, shrubs, palms and bamboos, are used in the same management unit as agricultural crops and animals .

In agroforestry systems, there is high species diversity and ecological and economic interactions between the different components. These elements can be arranged, spatially and temporally, based on ecological succession, in a similar way to the natural ecosystems where they are inserted.

Agroforestry can also be defined as a dynamic and ecological natural resource management system through the integration of trees into the agricultural landscape, interacting with annual crops, livestock, wild animals and humans. These are production systems that can be used to restore forests and recover degraded areas.

Jackfruit, cassava, banana, pineapple

In these systems, a wide variety of tree species can be adopted. Trees provide products, both timber, such as sawn wood, firewood, charcoal and cellulose, and non-wood products, such as fruits, nuts, fodder, latex, fibers, oils and resins. On the other hand, the presence of trees in the production system promotes environmental and ecosystem services, such as soil protection, water conservation, maintenance of the microclimate, attraction of pollinators and carbon fixation.

Agroforestry with banana, acacia, mango, jabuticaba and eucalyptus

As an intensive and diverse production model, agroforestry is traditionally adopted by small family farmers. The diversity of agricultural products distributed over time reduces dependence on income from a single crop, in addition to increasing the family's food supply.

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