We believe that through the ideation of versatile and reliable regenerative systems, we can shorten the path between investors and ESG projects, creating an assertive and dynamic portfolio of regenerative assets.

we are the stem cell
of agroforestry

We work across the entire agroforestry regenerative process. We analyze, plan and restore the landscape. we design complex systems integrated with innovative financial models. We evaluated the edaphoclimatic feasibility and created assertive forecasts for generating ecosystem services, carbon, and agricultural production. We plant, monitor, and manage agroforestry. We empower farmers, multipliers, and professionals at different levels and generate scientific production and technology for resilient systems.

the founders

Valter Ziantoni

Agroforestry designer, Forestry Engineer, and MSc. in Agroforestry, developed his master's degree in Lake Tanganyika (Zambia), working with local indigenous knowledge in agroforestry. With more than 20 years of experience, including project management, forest inventories, and monitoring and NTFP production in the Amazon. Extensive experience in the rural economy and sustainable development models, with international experience (UNDP and FAO) in management and leadership positions. He developed several volunteer works, mainly in Africa and Asia. Coordinated the project that helped to consolidate the large-scale center of excellence at Fazenda da Toca (Brazil). Enthusiastic about transparency, sharing, empowerment, and collaboration between people, Valter is also passionate about wildlife and ancestral land management practices. Valter is a farmer and founder of PRETATERRA. In the search for resilient systems, he traveled to more than 100 countries, learning about ancient food production practices and sustainable organization techniques.

Paula Costa

Forest Engineer, Specialist in Environmental Management, and Biologist, Paula was awarded in 2016 by the Brazilian Society of Silviculture. Passionate about the forest and complex production systems, Paula is an expert in agroforestry and forestry design. She acted as team coordinator and in developing research and innovation in several large agroforestry production systems. Paula has developed projects for forest restoration, environmental adaptation, horticulture, and fruit production in agroforestry systems. She participated in extension and technical assistance projects with rural communities. Extensive experience in facilitating training courses and practical workshops on regenerative production systems. Fascinated by forest management and biodiverse production systems, Paula is a farmer and founder of PRETATERRA. She lived in the Brazilian Amazon and learned from native peoples how to manage the largest forest on the planet, becoming one of the most outstanding specialists in agroforestry systems, biodiverse silviculture, and restoration of degraded areas in Brazil.

We are one intelligence hub, working in squads with the best and most versatile professionals on the market, academia and renowned research institutes. PRETATERRA counts on talents spread all over the world, bringing excellence from the most diverse areas of activity and joining forces in creating the regenerative world we believe in. 

Meet some of the people who are part of this distinct team:

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