Agrofloresta dá lucro?

The Atlantic Forest The Atlantic Forest is one of the most threatened biomes in Brazil due to the intense deforestation that...
In the first post of the “Food Diaries” series, we remember our 2019 trip to the Bolivian Highlands. Because...
What we PRETATERRA call Exponential Lab is our laboratory and area of Research & Development of Exponential Technologies to take agroforestry to other directions, other instances and to new horizons.
What are SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)? In 2015, the United Nations (UN) published a plan to...
Conscious consumption is any act or practice that we exercise in relation to improving our consumption habits and reflecting...
Mapping is a crucial process for planning any production system. In the case of an agroforestry system, in addition to...
Espécies, mão de obra, maquinário e mercado, todos devem ser escolhidos e analisados dentro um planejamento detalhado para resultar no melhor custo-benefício e retorno.
Indispensáveis na agrofloresta, as espécies de serviço tem várias funções, mas uma das principais é a produção de biomassa.
We received a question from Carlos, who is from Manaus and would like to implement an agroforestry on 32 hectares, in an area that is already a forest.
How do I control leaf-cutting ants in my plantation? Rafael's IG question. Hi Rafael, unfortunately the damage... Keep reading

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Sustainable and regenerative livestock in the Pasto Vivo project
PRETATERRA in partnership with LaGrama has just implemented a replicable model module of an agroforestry system for ginger and turmeric in Pichanaki, in the Peruvian Selva Alta.
Agroforestry system focused on the production of organic cotton, supported by other secondary species of ecological and economic value

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